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Autovac Spring Clean

It’s springtime, which can only mean one thing…get out your mop and bucket, it’s time for a spring clean!

Its that time of year for the traditional ritual of the ‘spring clean’ to occur, or in other terms used by the Greeks, ‘Clean week’. So air out those duvets and blankets out in the sun, but don’t forget your mattress (or the dust mites that may dwell in them). Wash down the windows, and mop the floors. Get out your vacuums and clean the carpets. But if for any reason you discover your spring cleaning is halted by a broken vacuum, then don’t fret.

Visit Autovac, the place to go for all your repair needs.

Autovac washing machine parts

We supply door seals for washing machines

A little bit about Autovac

We are a family run business, both friendly and professional. We offer over 12yrs experience in engineering, repairing most models and makes in vacuum cleaners, but we are not just limited to vacuums. We can also carry out a PAT service on your household appliances.

Our business is here to also supply spare parts for a variety of home appliances ranging from ovens, vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Some of these parts may include:
Bags, belts, filters and hoses for the vacuum. Filters and drive belts for tumble dryers.

Autovac vacuum cleaner repair

PAT Testing

For our PAT service (Portable Appliance Testing) we can test single items at our premises or yours, this may include kettles, toasters, fridges, hair dryers and even radios. This is a legal requirement for your safety.

NO FIX NO FEE – If we cannot fix your vacuum cleaner we will refund your deposit.

We are here to help and provide you with the best solutions. Whatever the problem we can help.


Tel: 01905 24606
Email: [email protected]

Or use the form here on our Website to get in contact

We are based in Worcester but we provide service to those in the surrounding county as well.